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The Making of ME
I was born to make a positive impact on the world!

I was the child who died A thousand times over

Before she could have lived

The child who dreamed of peace and quiet

Found in graveyards so sweet

Wandering carelessly through innocence

Till reality set in and  forced growth

Feared by those who claimed

To be my protector and guide.


I climbed trees in reckless abandon

Ran free with few needs

As those were never questioned

I travelled through life

And the world

As if it were my oyster

After all those were the words

Instilled in me from birth

As I took hold of life and became stronger.


She groomed in me fearlessness

The need to conquer all that was before me

As no restrictions of my being

Could prevent me from becoming

I had been molded

Slightly in her image

Simply more serious and pensive

As she was even  more kind

While I wryly would smile.

I was observant of all that passed

Giving but a glance

As I saw the world through

Eyes wide open

And  uncoloured

It was true that I would be unbothered

By all that was not real

But would rather be cuddled in truth

While life showed me the real deal.

It was death that gave me new life

As was his intention

It came with very little struggle

Ultimately no strife

I watched as it slowly took claim Of me

And took from me

That which was meant to protect

It opened up doors of unrest

As jealousy and retribution

Slyly walked in

To debate and claim Its place in my life.

He awakened In me the need

To close the world off

From that which I held dear.

Those shackles of despair

Would never take root

For she had given me strength

To see through.


It forced the building of walls

Great barriers to


And everything

That came hidden

Until it revealed

Its reason for being

For life was for living Not fleeing.


It gave  me life

Contrary to its purpose

As it meant to claim

Parts of me

But realized it was in vain

For I chose to fight

And stand in my truth

I became a survivor In my youth.


There were no obstacles

Before me that I could not conquer

I was blessed

With a brain

Remembering what she said

That would secure

My tomorrow

And while I had enough faith In my purpose on this earth Even reality

Could not dictate

That which the creator Did create.

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