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Transformational Education Leader, Writer, Designer

Terrain Chambers Reeves has been writing poems and stories from the age of three. As a transformational leader, educator, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and published author, with over 20 years of experience  in  education, teaching at both the high school and the college level, developing curriculum, training and mentoring new teachers, her work has been focused on empowering and enriching the lives of the students she serves.


As a co-founder of The Connection I,  founder  of Lady  Moca by Design, and Founder and Research and Development Director of several other non-profits, including, United For Healing Inc. and Elite 10 Youth Athletics, focused on education, financial literacy, serving victims of domestic violence by not only educating them on awareness and prevention, but also empowerment, feeding the homeless, educating and empowering at-risk youth, and empowering military veterans, Terrain’s goal is to empower those who are underserved and underrepresented in order for them to live meaningful and productive lives.

Terrain’s first book, Only When It Rains, published in 2018,  is a collection of poems that have served as the foundation to much of her writing in prose. Her writing can be found in various literary magazines or heard at spoken word events.

She finds inspiration from nature, and the people and places she has experienced, considering herself blessed to not only wield the power of the pen, but also to be a voice and advocate for others.

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